Visit the shelter originally meant only for the chosen few

In the not-so-distant past, air-raid alerts and omnipresent threats were an everyday reality. This bunker was originally an air-raid shelter built during World War II against American and Soviet bombs. After 1946, it housed a wholesale wine store called Löwy & Šmíd. A mere two days after the coup in February 1948, the wine store was confiscated by the Communist government. The shelter was completed in 1959 and was intended to protect up to 500 people important for controlling the city and region for three days.

Fortunately, it was never necessary to put the 10-Z nuclear shelter to its intended use. In 2016, this bunker, located near the city centre, was opened to the public as a historical technical building. Today visitors can take a guided tour or simply explore it for themselves using a map provided at the entrance. During their exploration, visitors can watch various QR-coded videos on the history and fate of the people connected to this place. The tour includes the technical part of the shelter (diesel unit, filter room, and a telephone exchange), and the exhibition also shows the doors to the death cells from the former Brno prison in Cejl Street, with messages left by those sentenced to death.

Visitors with nerves of steel should definitely take a night tour, which focuses on the technical parts of the shelter.

Contact information

Husova ulice (opposite to no. 12)

tel: +420 542 210 622

Conditions for tours of the technical area:

The tour takes about 40–60 minutes depending on visitors’ requirements.
This includes only a tour of the technical area of the 10-Z Bunker and not a visit to the exhibit prepared by Americký fond.
Tours are led by experts who try to adapt its content to interest small groups of visitors.
The temperature inside the 10-Z Bunker remains 14°C throughout the year – so you can borrow a period army jacket for the tour to keep you warm.

Tours take place for groups of 3 to 12 and must be reserved as a group. Tours for more than 9 people are not possible as the labyrinth’s narrow corridors prevent large groups from moving through the bunker. For larger groups, we recommend splitting into multiple tours.
You participate in tours of the 10-Z Bunker technical area at your own risk.


You can buy advanced tickets from the Tourist Information Centre at Panenské 1.

Per person CZK 150
For students, seniors, and people on disability CZK 100
Children 6–15 CZK 60
Children up to 6 free without any ticket free
Discount for BRNOPAS 25 % discount
Daily except Mondays 11:30–18:15  
(exhibit closes at 18:45)  
English map and a brief history of the 10-Z Bunker in foreign languages.  
Guided tours at night:  
Per person CZK 250
For students up to 26, seniors, and people on disability CZK 200
Children 6–15 CZK 100
Children up to 6 free without any ticket free
Denně mimo pondělí  19.00  – nutná rezervace  
Potmě s baterkami / za světla  
Prohlídky po objednání také v angličtině a dalších jazycích (min. 5 osob)  

Skupinové akce:
Organizované školní prohlídky expozice – ZDARMA
(pouze po objednání, vždy dopoledne, max. počet 90 studentů)
Speciální zážitkové akce pro skupiny 10 – 90 osob
(po domluvě, kontaktujte nás na

Hromadné slevy:
po domluvě, kontaktuje nás na

Předprodej (Panenská 1):
Otevřeno denně 9:00 - 18:00 hod.

Online prodej vstupenek:

Husova 12
Brno 60200